About me

Hello! My name is Maud Dabadie. I am a freelance illustrator for the communication of associations and companies. Drawing is not only a job, it’s a part of my life. Working in enterprise has given me the experience of creating in team and as a freelance I am used to solo work for a client.  I have sometimes worked for games projects – and I am a player, too! So now I am interested in working for the entertainment industry.

Thank you for visiting my website portfolio! Hope you will enjoy the journey ?


My contacts

Country : France

City : Nantes

Email :

One of my best experience for now :

More seriously, here is a presentation by Manon Landrain, president of the Wazabi Association which aims at promoting Japanese pop culture in Nantes, and after several joint works :

We happened to work together on many subjects either for personal interest or the association’s sake. From logo creation to goodies design via posters or website designs, we have always been more than satisfied with her work. To begin with, about sticking to the deadlines, Maud has always shown an impressive punctuality, but also concerning creativity, invention and diversity in styles, she really adapts to the demand. Maud realises what our needs are all about, asking relevant questions to make our project more precise. In fact, the hardest bit when working with her crops up when we need to pick out and choose the blueprint among several others she’s worked out in relation with our ideas. All the foundation works of hers possess some real interest.

When facing people like us without an inch of knowledge in graphic art, she always took the time to split up her work in stages and explain, and so we were able to make our choice in the best possible conditions. Whenever she presents us a finished product, we have never been disappointed nor had to ask for modifications. The feedback from the various publics targeted by the different projects is positive  as they are quite impressed either by the quality and beauty of her drawings or by the overall layout. It is a real pleasure to work with Maud as she is not only patient with an open mind but also responds well to queries, all this being achieved in a lovely atmosphere.

As I had never worked with graphic designers before, I would well stand on the sidelines at the start, and feeling somewhat nervous. But Maud knew how to make me feel more at ease, adjusting herself to my workstyle, while keeping it all in a relaxed yet serious mood. From now on, when I have a new project, I don’t worry anymore, and I send her my first batch of information and thanks to her qualities and work, a finished product eventually comes out with features exceeding my expectations.

That is the best nutshell I can possibly devise on Maud. Anyway, after working with other graphic designers eversince on complementary projects, my only wish is that she remains my only contact in this sector of activity.